Hi all!
I'm Josie(n), a jewellerydesigner-silversmith from Belgium.
Fascinated by neglected and worn-out objects, I try to give those things a new life and meaning.
I'm also crazy thriftstore- and fleamarket-fan probably because of my love for anything old and rusty (if you would ask my friends it's because of the color of my hair -> I've got some crazy connection with the color of rust :o ).

Find me online:
personal website: www.josienbaetens.com
online Etsy-store for minimalist silver jewellery: josienbaetensjewelry.etsy.com and the facebookpage
online Etsy-store for JeTrouve (jewellery from reclaimed materials): jetrouve.etsy.com and the facebookpage

Contemporary Jewellery blog: missesginger.tumblr.com

Have a nice day!

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