10 Oct 2014

fleamarket finds

So I guess I've been a bit absent lately
the recap of September? -> FLEA MARKETS !

I went to one of my favorite flea markets of the year: the one in my own little village. ^_^

... And of course: bought lots of lovely things - DUH - :D

first up in the 'usefull items'-category: these old metal number stamps, a bit rusty but that's just how I like it ^_^ and look at that nice wood block they're placed in ...

Another work-related one:
an old mini vise with small anvil
oh sooo adorable isn't it? ... I just couldn't resist :)

More soon ...


27 Aug 2014

Oldies obsessed - You Can't Judge a Book by the Cover by Bo Diddley

"You Can't Judge a Book by the Cover" is a song by Bo Diddley, one of THE rock and roll pioneers. It came out in 1962 and has been covered by many other great artists ever since.

18 Aug 2014

contemporary jewellery crushes - Karl Fritsch

Today I want to introduce you to another of my jewellery-crushes:

Karl Fritsch

He fascinates me by using archetype-rings and questioning these forms as well as the value of materials, gemstones and everyday-objects.

"I´m fascinated by jewellery and by the fact that every person owns and wears ornaments of one kind or another. This universality impresses me and stimulates me to make jewellery which I would like to see people wearing. Those people could be my aunts or anyone else."

Karl Fritsch, Ring Untitled 2005, white gold oxidised 750, diamond 8 carat
 Karl Fristch, ring Untitled 2005, white gold 750 oxidzed, gold 750

Conversations About Contemporary Jewellery: Karl Fritsch from Jewellery Conversations on Vimeo.

17 Aug 2014

Urbex time

Hi there

you all know my love for anything old, rusty, broken and discarded by now I guess ... :)

so ... I went urbexing with my boy, here are some highlights:

10 Aug 2014

been away for a while - but worked like crazy!

Hi all
I'm back again
and hopefully now to stay, couldn't find the time to update my blog these past few weeks because I've been soooo busy

busy with what you ask?
with making lots of jewellery!

and there are a few new items in the family; an expansion on the dip-dye-series: rings and necklaces!

6 Jul 2014

@ work

working on some new earrings and trying to get my branding down: earringcards!

24 Jun 2014

New in - vintage tins

I had a lovely sunny weekend and what makes such a lovely weekend a GREAT weekend? A a flea-market off course!
... and who am I to say 'no thanks' when passing these beauties:

17 Jun 2014

Etsy Craft Party in Antwerp

a couple of weeks ago we had an amazing little craft Party in Antwerp with members of the Belgian Etsy Team

we made a banner together , enjoyed the sunshine...
... realized I'm terrible at sewing (made the Belgian Tricolore flag though - uch uch - kinda proud over here)

11 Jun 2014

Etsy wednesday - dangling in wear-and-tear-white

Dangling earrings in reclaimed wood


These earrings have a brass chain with a pendant made from a re-used wod. 

9 Jun 2014

Finds - Summer accessories HANDMADE in BELGIUM

Some summer essentials
by 3 beautiful HANDMADE in BELGIUM shops on ETSY:

Clutch purses with metal frame
 Arrow in orange and teal / mustard and plum

Sunburst Yoga Mat Bag

5 Jun 2014

Oldies obsessed - Rockin Robin' by Bobby Day

Rockin' Robin originally performed by Bobby Day in 1958, covered several times by many other artist i.a. Michael Jackson.

2 Jun 2014

Jewellery crushes - Kornelia

Today's jewellery-feature is Kornelia.

Kornelia, or Karolien, the wonderfull women behind the label, is a FUN one-person brand of handmade silver jewellery. She has a brick and mortar store in the center of Antwerp city where she sells many more handmade goodies and gives workshops, she's also an Etsy-seller and is part of the La lluvia - collective.


Kornelia, of Karolien, de fantastische vrouw achter het merk, staat voor een FUN collectie van zilveren juwelen. Ze heeft een winkel in het centrum van Antwerpen, waar ze nog veel meer handgemaakte spullen verkoopt en workshops geeft. Ze is ook een Etsy-verkoper en maakt deel uit van het La lluvia-collectief.


1 Jun 2014

Finds - vintage tins

Did I tell you already? I'm a TIN-addict ;)

Super rare Zonophone 'soft tone' gramophone needle tin.

rare vintage queen elizabeth 1953 coronation souveneir tin, by oxo

Etsy Newbie event

Voor iedereen die erover denkt om zelf online te verkopen:
Kom naar het Etsy Newbie event eind augustus en wij helpen jouw bij het opstarten van je Etsy shop!

kan je niet wachten?
-> ga alvast zelf aan de slag met 40 gratis listings http://etsy.me/1u3XU06


29 May 2014

working on new items for the Etsy-shop

so my Etsy shop is quite empty lately, I've got some work to do
for starters; some new items!


Markt van Morgen was amazing: Next one is SymbiosisXL now Saturday!

The Markt van Morgen was a blast! sun, ambiance, and lots of positive reactions:
Hope I'll be able to go again


But the next designermarket coming up is SymbiosisXL now Saturday 31st of May @ Museum M Leuven!

11 May 2014

contemporary jewellery crushes - Jo Pond

Today I want to talk to you about one of my all time favorite contemporary jewellery designers; Jo Pond!
-> http://jopond.com/

Why is she one of my favorites? Because of her wonderful use of old, discarded objects and materials and how she gives these things a beautiful second life as jewellery. But most of all; because some of these objects are often TINS, and me being a bit of a tin-addict this probably explains my fascination with her work.

"I come from a family of 'Ponds' who appear to have a genetic necessity for hoarding; digging up metal detector finds was the foundation of a passion for objects which others might not quite appreciate. This fashioned the beginnings of a lifetime of habitual collecting.
Utilising this drive to accumulate the unconventional and unwanted, coupled with an aesthetic appreciation of the details of decomposition and change, I choose to incorporate items potentially paradoxical within jewellery, to create beautiful and on occasion, confusing objects.
Employing symbolic references of form, material and technique, I dabble in the potential for wearable items to become vehicles for communication; whether through sense, nostalgia, or knowledge.

Made in England-series: 
Created from steel, iron and a repurposed Elastoplast tin, this collection of five pieces entitled ‘Made in England’ (and each labelled as such) were created to celebrate and illuminate British craft, whilst on exhibition in Munich.

10 May 2014

earrings in the making

It's production-production-production these days
... creating stock for the designer markets and after that for different shops around the country

grts J

27 Apr 2014

@ work - getting ready for some designer markets

I was already stressing this week because the Kwak-exhibition (which was great, thank you all for coming!) is only just finished and I'm already thinking about the next event. My very first designer-market is coming up and I only got a few weeks to prepare and create enough stock. But then I got confirmation for another one! Which is GREAT but means less time to prepare and more stock to make (and more stress but also some excitement of course).
Thinking about presentation, pricing, and selecting what to sell ...

20 Apr 2014

Kwak-groupexhibition 2014

A Decay of Literature


Een verval van de literatuur

And I found myself a spot in the most beautiful room in the village; the council in city hall. With beautiful books going back more than 200 years. The perfect environment for the theme of my work.
En ik vond mijzelf een plekje in de mooiste ruimte in Leest; de Raadzaal in het dorpshuis, met prachtboeken die tot 200 jaar teruggaan. De perfecte situering voor de thematiek van mn werk.

17 Apr 2014

New in: 19th century stamped plates

I've got myself some new beauties to work with:

These are stamped plates and are used for chandelier-chain-decorations (I have no clue if that's got a name?)
They are probably 19th Century, maybe early 20th. (... I think; if anyboy could tell me more?)