27 Apr 2014

@ work - getting ready for some designer markets

I was already stressing this week because the Kwak-exhibition (which was great, thank you all for coming!) is only just finished and I'm already thinking about the next event. My very first designer-market is coming up and I only got a few weeks to prepare and create enough stock. But then I got confirmation for another one! Which is GREAT but means less time to prepare and more stock to make (and more stress but also some excitement of course).
Thinking about presentation, pricing, and selecting what to sell ...

20 Apr 2014

Kwak-groupexhibition 2014

A Decay of Literature


Een verval van de literatuur

And I found myself a spot in the most beautiful room in the village; the council in city hall. With beautiful books going back more than 200 years. The perfect environment for the theme of my work.
En ik vond mijzelf een plekje in de mooiste ruimte in Leest; de Raadzaal in het dorpshuis, met prachtboeken die tot 200 jaar teruggaan. De perfecte situering voor de thematiek van mn werk.

17 Apr 2014

New in: 19th century stamped plates

I've got myself some new beauties to work with:

These are stamped plates and are used for chandelier-chain-decorations (I have no clue if that's got a name?)
They are probably 19th Century, maybe early 20th. (... I think; if anyboy could tell me more?)

16 Apr 2014

Etsy Wednesday - taking a break

SO its Etsy-wednesday but I ... my free time is spend working for the upcoming exhibition or working on some homework for my management-eveningcourse

bweik, I thought I was done with homework when I had that Master-degree in my hands

... NOT

So I'm not gonna bore you with my complaining and SIGH's no more, this was just to say that my Etsy-shops are closed for the moment.
Remember my tin-brooch from a few weeks ago? well these earrings are made from the same tin can.

9 Apr 2014

contemporary jewellery crushes - Edu Tarin

One of my jewellery crushes: Edu Tarin
"Jewellery could be understood in a different way for each person, but everybody will recognize some shapes, symbols and meanings. This project is based on appropriating the concept, idea and image of jewellery implanted in the collective memory of our cultural environment. I wanted to establish a link with the viewer questioning the function of the jewellery business today, and then reinterpret it in a critical current context.
       The popular concept of traditional jewellery reborn in a new piece in which jewellery never could be understood as it is. Repeating the same pattern, again and again, till it lose any sense as what we know for jewellery, reaching another point between what it is and what it should be, between what is present and what comes from the imaginary, between the subjective and the collective." - Edu Tarin
Serie 2. Sujeto B, 2011
Brooch; Oxidiced brass.

Serie 4. Sujeto E, 2011
Brooch; Painted brass.

Etsy Wednesday - yellow chevron necklace

re-used picture frame turned into necklace

wood and aged brasschain
two possible lengths: 55cm (= 21in) or 80cm (= 31in) check the last picture for reference
the smaller version also has a round clasp.


This necklace is handmade out of an old picture frame; 
The wooden piece is sawn, sanded and painted by hand
Each piece is hand-cut and hand-painted so slight imperfections might be possible, but this also means that every piece is completly unique!
These pieces are not completely waterproof so please handle with care.


From found objects to wearable jewelry

6 Apr 2014

A decay of Literature - work in progress

Still working on some bigger pieces; with the first piece I kinda figured out a way around the 'not being able to solder it'-part; and worked out a brooch-system by just cutting and folding.

... sometimes the great ideas just come by necessity apparently ;)

But now I have new toys to play with!:

My love for RUST

"Petronetha: beste smeervet voor velos"
Petronetha: best grease for bikes