27 Aug 2014

Oldies obsessed - You Can't Judge a Book by the Cover by Bo Diddley

"You Can't Judge a Book by the Cover" is a song by Bo Diddley, one of THE rock and roll pioneers. It came out in 1962 and has been covered by many other great artists ever since.

18 Aug 2014

contemporary jewellery crushes - Karl Fritsch

Today I want to introduce you to another of my jewellery-crushes:

Karl Fritsch

He fascinates me by using archetype-rings and questioning these forms as well as the value of materials, gemstones and everyday-objects.

"I´m fascinated by jewellery and by the fact that every person owns and wears ornaments of one kind or another. This universality impresses me and stimulates me to make jewellery which I would like to see people wearing. Those people could be my aunts or anyone else."

Karl Fritsch, Ring Untitled 2005, white gold oxidised 750, diamond 8 carat
 Karl Fristch, ring Untitled 2005, white gold 750 oxidzed, gold 750

Conversations About Contemporary Jewellery: Karl Fritsch from Jewellery Conversations on Vimeo.

17 Aug 2014

Urbex time

Hi there

you all know my love for anything old, rusty, broken and discarded by now I guess ... :)

so ... I went urbexing with my boy, here are some highlights:

10 Aug 2014

been away for a while - but worked like crazy!

Hi all
I'm back again
and hopefully now to stay, couldn't find the time to update my blog these past few weeks because I've been soooo busy

busy with what you ask?
with making lots of jewellery!

and there are a few new items in the family; an expansion on the dip-dye-series: rings and necklaces!