18 Aug 2014

contemporary jewellery crushes - Karl Fritsch

Today I want to introduce you to another of my jewellery-crushes:

Karl Fritsch

He fascinates me by using archetype-rings and questioning these forms as well as the value of materials, gemstones and everyday-objects.

"I´m fascinated by jewellery and by the fact that every person owns and wears ornaments of one kind or another. This universality impresses me and stimulates me to make jewellery which I would like to see people wearing. Those people could be my aunts or anyone else."

Karl Fritsch, Ring Untitled 2005, white gold oxidised 750, diamond 8 carat
 Karl Fristch, ring Untitled 2005, white gold 750 oxidzed, gold 750

Conversations About Contemporary Jewellery: Karl Fritsch from Jewellery Conversations on Vimeo.

"I noticed a few years ago that in my jewellery work I´m constantly reworking my own history. I did a traditional jewellery apprenticeship in Pforzheim and learnt all the classical jewellery making techniques. The real learning however, comes afterwards. Now I constantly have to work on how I can make the knowledge I learnt in my apprenticeship my own – how I can create my own statement with this. This involves alot of things - my physical abilities for example (like how I use my fingers to model the rings in wax). The basic physical conditions directly influence how a piece will look (the thickness of my finger or the power of my arm)."

Karl Fritsch Ring: Untitled 2012 Silver, steel, cubic zirconia
Karl Fritsch Screw ring 2010 silver, nails, screws 6.0 x 4.0 x 4.0 cm



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