9 Apr 2014

contemporary jewellery crushes - Edu Tarin

One of my jewellery crushes: Edu Tarin
"Jewellery could be understood in a different way for each person, but everybody will recognize some shapes, symbols and meanings. This project is based on appropriating the concept, idea and image of jewellery implanted in the collective memory of our cultural environment. I wanted to establish a link with the viewer questioning the function of the jewellery business today, and then reinterpret it in a critical current context.
       The popular concept of traditional jewellery reborn in a new piece in which jewellery never could be understood as it is. Repeating the same pattern, again and again, till it lose any sense as what we know for jewellery, reaching another point between what it is and what it should be, between what is present and what comes from the imaginary, between the subjective and the collective." - Edu Tarin
Serie 2. Sujeto B, 2011
Brooch; Oxidiced brass.

Serie 4. Sujeto E, 2011
Brooch; Painted brass.

Serie 3. Sujeto E, 2011
Brooch; Painted brass. 

Serie 2. Sujeto C, 2011
Brooch; Oxidiced brass. 

Serie 4. Sujeto A, 2011
Brooch; Painted brass. 

Serie 2. Sujeto D, 2011 
Brooch; Oxidiced brass.

Serie 3. Sujeto B, 2011
Brooch; Painted brass. 

Serie 1. Sujeto A, 2011
Brooch; Painted brass. 
Serie 2. Sujeto A, 2011
Brooch; Oxidiced brass

Serie 3. Sujeto D, 2011  
Brooch; Painted brass.
Revival 5; 2012
Brooch; Cooper, gold plating; Electroforming
105 x 75 x 55 mm; 42,4 gr.
Revival 6; 2012
Brooch; Cooper; Electroforming
94 x 72 x 45 mm; 51.4 gr.

Revival 2. 2012
Brooch; Cooper, enamel; Electroforming
105 x 71 x 47 mm; 55.4 gr.
Revival 2; 2012
Brooch; Cooper, enamel; Electroforming
85 x 70 x 42 mm; 28.7 gr

Revival 8; 2012
Brooch; Cooper, enamel; Electroforming
110 x 50 x 42 mm; 28.5 gr.   
Revival 9; 2012
Brooch; Cooper, enamel, sodalite; Electroforming
73 x 95 x 38 mm; 81.7 gr.
Revival 10; 2012
Brooch; Cooper, jasper; Electroforming
82 x 70 x 37 mm; 82.1 gr.  
Revivla 11; 2012
Brooch; Cooper, enamel, amethyst; Electroforming
59 x 143 x 51 mm; 97.7 gr.

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